Modernizing application-driven enterprises

Applied Automation for Sprint Zero, AWS Lambda, Google Functions and J2EE Migrations

Unique methodology

1. Unique methodology

A centralized app transformation is institutionalized and standardized to create momentum with no-to-low business disruption.

Proprietary tools

2. Proprietary tools

Applied intelligence and factory-like automation to application generation for AWS Lambda/Google Functions/serverless, cloud-native, and migration scenarios.

Cost and time savings

3. Cost and time savings

Clients experience a 35%+ reduction in their project development spend in half the typical project length vs. other methods.


A Missing Operation in Today's DevOps

realMethods gives an entirely new meaning to what to expect in jump starting app development. The platform serves as a catalyst to any app dev effort, whether leveraging serverless computing using AWS Lambda or Google Functions, performing traditional development on a new idea, or migrating an existing application from J2EE or other costly, rigid, monolithic architecture to an open-source, flexible architecture.


Think Functions

Harness rapid serverless migration, by creating a scalable and available ecosystem of hundreds to thousands of ready-to-use AWS Lambda or Google functions, going from legacy to cloud in minutes, not months.

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Think APIs

Quickly move legacy core capabilities onto a new tech stack, ready to execute on more cost-effective, higher performing platforms.

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Think Applications

Jumpstart a project with the push of a button to turn an idea into a fully functional application, ready to test and extend.

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The realMethods Advantage

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Code Generator

realMethods' proprietary tool refactors existing and creates new applications, generating the bulk of the final code base.

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Applied Intelligence Technology

As developers strive for low-to-no touch in more areas of operations, realMethods leads the way with technology beyond traditional “application generation."

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Migration Factory

Intelligent automation for true factory automation of legacy functionality to cutting edge technology stacks, ready for validating.

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Heroku Integration

In 4 easy steps, refactor or create a new application into a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that is generated, built, deployed and ready to be executed within Heroku’s scaleable and manageable PaaS cloud platform.

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Multi-Language and Tech Stacks

With polyglot and comprehensive tech stack capability and technology, realMethods can modernize nearly any antiquated system to any current platform.

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Cloud, On-Prem or Hybrid

realMethods turns schema into cloud-based microservices to be leveraged by external and internal applications.

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Easiest Way to Start


  • Provide a supported model
  • Choose a tech stack
  • Supply application options
  • We will generate and test the app


On Your Own - $0/Month


  • Single User
  • Unlimited # of apps
  • Usage of all platform features
  • Access: CLI, API, and Web version


Maximum Control


  • Unlimited # of users and apps
  • Includes source code
  • Cloud/On-Prem/Hybrid
  • Early access to new features

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