Cloud Native

realMethods turns schema into cloud-based microservices to be
leveraged by external and internal applications.

High-Level Features

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Model-Driven Architecture

Maximize workforce efficiencies with:

  • Popular Model Support
  • Loose Coupling
  • Microservice-Capable
  • Reusable Model Library
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    Application Generation

    Tens of thousands of lines of code are generated instantly, for both new app and app rewrite (refactor) scenarios, that are fully functional and ready to test.

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    Template-Driven Design

    Maximize reuse and reduce errors.

  • Language-agnostic
  • Extendable tech stack definitions
  • Integrated design patterns
  • Pre-tested modules
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    Enhanced Corporate COE

    Enforce corporate standards through predictable tech stacks & service usage and a focal point on application development initialization.

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