Model Driven Open Architecture Stack Agnostic Elevated Reuse New Refactoring Paradigm Access Options Pricing

Model Driven

A model is easier to change than code

Keeping the model independent of the target platform ensures a model remains highly reusable, maintaining the flexibility of options to create software reflective of the model.

Open Architecture

Open and extensible is key to keep up with changes

Although realMethods has captured many popular technology stacks, as new ones arise it is important they too can be captured without requiring changes to the platform.

We encourage you to download and extend any of the available technology stacks to improve the coverage provided to the community at large.

Stack Agnostic

Languages, frameworks, and popular technology stack are constantly changing

There are an infinite number of technology stack combinations with a constantly changing landscape of languages and frameworks. It is important to use an application generator designed from the ground up with this in mind.

Elevated Reuse

Standards, predictability, and time to market matter

Use realMethods as a trusted source to initiate any application development project guarantees starting off on a well understood path. Importantly, improve your ability to innovate by realizing the core services generated are likely required by other projects now or in the immediate future.

New Refactoring Paradigm

Refactor functionality, not applications

No technology can re-factor every application into any other application. Unraveling a monolithic architecture to a micro/server-less based one is still very labor intensive.

Rethink refactoring by first focusing on functionality rather than the entire application. If the application uses a database, its schema is a type of model and it is enough to use realMethods to instantly generate more modern core services.

Access Options

Programmatic, command line, or browser

Choose the option that best suites your needs to access the realMethods platform.

Use our Node.js API to access our secure RESTful APIs and integrate application generation into your development and delivery process.

Use our command line interface to easily interact with the realMethods platform.

Use our browser based client to point-and-click your way through your application generation experience.



Easiest Way to Start

  • Provide a supported model
  • Choose a tech stack
  • Supply application options
  • We generate and test the app


On Your Own (Free)

  • Single User
  • Unlimited # of apps
  • Usage of all platform features
  • Access: CLI, API, & Web


Maximum Control

  • Unlimited # of users and apps
  • Includes source code
  • Cloud/On-Prem/Hybrid
  • Early access to new features