Take the schema or model of an existing application, and turn it into a multi-tier application, complete with a UI, model-view-controller layer, and data-access-object layer. Supports Java and ASP.NET/C#

High-Level Features

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Automated Architecture Refactor

More than likely, the application you're rewriting has an architecture and design that won’t scale or is a burden to support. goRESTful creates a loosely-coupled, layered application that realizes many of today’s best design patterns.

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Technology Stack Options

Choose from a growing list of tech stacks:

  • AWS Lambda
  • Google Functions
  • Spring
  • Spark Microframework
  • Apache Struts
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Language Rewrite

goRESTful is perfect when you need to rewrite obsolete or poorly-supported languages. By targeting Javascript, Java and C#, the migrated application leverages some of today’s most relevant software languages, with new languages in the works.

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Corporate Standards Inclusion

Our technology stacks exist as a pre-packaged set of templates, allowing for easy enhancement, modification and extension. The addition of corporate standards, such as UI/UX, color palettes, security and more are simply introduced via templates.

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