An Essential New Step in the Development Process

Code First & Everywhere

Both are now the precedent with automation a top priority.
Automated code generation done right is now a natural, yet missing, phase.
realMethods has developed an easy to use yet powerful platform to bootstrap any new app or rewrite effort.

The Platform

Open, Flexible, and Extendible

Model Driven

An MDA-compliant (Model Driven Architecture) platform, used to blend business models with technology stacks to generate a rich set of core functionality.

Open Architecture

Allows for the definition and usage of an array of reusable technology stacks, each known as a Templatized Technology Stack Package (TTSP).

Community Driven

Model and TTSP sharing is allowed and encouraged, constantly expanding the # of available resources to choose from to better bootstrap efforts.

Supported Technologies

An Ever Expanding List

Model Support

  • - XMI 1.x
  • - UML 2.x
  • - JSON
  • - Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)
  • - SQL Script
  • - Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs)

Templatized Tech Stacks

  • - AWS Lambda (Java, NodeJS), Google Functions (NodeJS)

  • - Spring, Spark, Strut2

  • - Full Tier Support: ASP.NET[MVC], Ruby on Rails, DJango (Python)
  • - Presentation Tier Support: JQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • - Business Tier Support: Spring, Spark Struts2, ASP.NET[MVC]
  • - Data Tier Support: RDMBS, NoSQL
  • - Cache: Whalin, AWS ElasticCache, and Any Memcache implementation

Steps To Bootstrapping

From Model to App in Minutes


Model It

If refactoring an existing application or creating a new one, choose the right model to represent your business entities.

Stack It

Decide which tech stack best suits your needs, or create and register a new one. Extending an existing TTSP is the easiest way to introduce a new tech stack.

Architect It

Determine how best to provision these core services for current and future needs. For app rewriting, a RESTful API and Serverless functions serve as a smart first step.

Generate It

The provided model, selected technology stack, and input options are combined to generate all application files including source code, build files, and more.

Commit It

Application files are pushed to a Git repository to be built/deployed in isolation or easily integrated into an existing Dev/Ops process

Usage Options

For the Hobbyist and Professional



Programmatically integrate application generation into your exiting DevOps process.


Through a simple to use command-line-interface, leverage the full feature set of the realMethods platform.

Web Client

Easy UI access to most of the core features of the realMethod platform.

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