About realMethods

realMethods is only software, and life is more than software. There are many more important things than software, and far more important than this software specifically. However, it is equally important for us to do our absolute best, and commit to do right by everybody in every circumstance. We are like you. Engineers, scientists, mathematicians, business minded, etc... We grew tired of having a toolbox full of tools, documentation on how to build something with those tools, but no clean way to go from a description to finished product.

Of course no tool can completely create all the features and capabilities of every robust application. We do not promise that. And we also know there are tools that can generate simple applications. We strive for much more than giving lift to the simple case.

Importantly, we humbly acknowledge we do not know everything. We are excited to provide a platform where you can let your expertise shine and share with others who can reuse your experitse and will be thankful for your contribution. And in the process, we hope you can create a well deserved revenue stream as your work is used and re-used over and over.

Love What You Do

We love what we do, and if you don't love what you do, go find something you love, where you are not bound by time or income.

Clients First

If No clients
    then no business and if no business
        then no fun and if no fun
            then what is the point

Be Responsible

We own what we say, think, create, and deliver. The problems we cause are ours to repair. We are fully accountable to for your interpretation and intent of using it.


We are all smart and full of ideas. But we must respect each others ideas. We welcome your suggestions and ideas, so feel free to share what's on your mind.

Have Fun

The fun is doing simplifying complexities, doing something different but better, by creating software that others see as a must-have tool in their toolbox.