App Migration

According to AWS, app migration falls under one of the following 6 categories:
  • Rehost
  • Re-platform
  • Refactor
  • Rewrite
  • Retire
  • Retain
realMethods focuses on the complex migration scenarios found under the Re-platform, Refactor, and Rewrite categories. We specialize in moving legacy apps from obsolescence to relevance by using both our app migration platform and processes, both having matured through prior engagements.


Although mobility enablement is often a given, applications that are solely targeted to one or both mobile platforms have different architecture and design considerations to account for. Our professional services leverage our app creation platform to produce mobile ready apps which are then extended to meet your business specific requirements

Cloud Native

Applications targeted for a specific cloud vendor can better take advantage of directly using its services and APIs. Our app creation platform works well with the top cloud vendors, allowing us to quickly stand up fully functional applications that seamless integrate into AWS, Azure, or Google.


Our professional services leverage our platform where appropriate for any phase of development, helping to shrink delivery timelines and deliver consistent code that meet your standards.