This term refers to the least number of components and services along with the simplest environment necessary to prove out the minimum requirements of a product. The initial user experience is sacrificed for the sake of demonstrating functionality sufficient to show the likelihood of success. Iteratively, the current product version is re-measured, re-evaluated, re-imagined, and re-built.

One of the key reasons why the idea of an MVP works hand-in-hand with the Agile Methodology is the encouragement to “fail fast”. Failing fast gets the team back to the drawing board quicker before wasting time writing code and using technologies that need to be undone. This step is crucial to keep costs down and delivery times inline with estimates. But what if during each cycle, we could create and keep more code? What if that code was driven by the business and technical requirements? If so, we would likely be able to test and evaluate more of the system for each iteration.

realMethods Minimal Viable Products (MVPs)

realMethods has pre-created MVPs that are technology specific, saving you the cost and time necssary to prove out that technology on your own. The best part is you can then use an MVP to further any proving efforts, turning the MVP into the foundation of your eventual product.

Our pre-created MVPs contain a significant set of integrated non-function requirements that leverage platform level services, along with a sample business model used to deliver a great example of the functional requirements of most apps that target a specific technology. Also included are excellent examples of using some of the most popular technology stacks, to even further provide you with a fully functional application to build upon.

The technologies targetted include:

  • IOT
  • Big Data
  • Traditional Consumer Facing
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Restful centric apps, with and without a UI

realMethods Minimal Viable Modernized Product (MVMP)

This is an extension of an MVP, except instead of using a generic business model, we use yours, giving you an MVP that is more inline with your final product features. Our platform has the flexibility to load an existing model or reverse engineer a model, quickly giving you an MVP to deploy into the target environment. The cost and time savings are significant when choosing an MVP and blending it with your business model.