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realMethods: Product

Unlock Business Value

Unlock blocks of business functionality into refined scalable and reusable units

Rescue High Value Services

Rescue high value services; re-purpose to more accessible environments

Give Predictive Outcomes

Improve quality and gain control over jump starting major development efforts

Innovate and Experiment

Create new digital products and services to improve your business and customer experiences

Recombine Service Units

Re-combine services to build original and new internal or 3rd party solutions

Show Measurable Results

Lower costs, fewer resources required, and shorter delivery times lead to better development experiences

realMethods: Company


As technologists, we are focused solely on discovering the most elegant means of solving the toughest application migration and innovation problems.  We offer 2 distinct solutions, each appropriately tying together the description of the business problem with a generic implementation of the target technologies.  In this way, any number of solutions can be created, maximizing the flexibility to create, experiment, and “fail fast”, all for the sole purpose of uncovering the right path to maximize business value through software development.


Continents Impacted


Industries Served


Man Hours Saved


Lines Of Code

Serverless Computing

par·a·digm shift

noun – a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.
Origin – 1970s: term used in the writings of Thomas S. Kuhn (1922–96), philosopher of science.

Think service first, not app

Whether creating a new application, or trying to migrate an existing one, cloud computing has changed the way an application can be composed. For years, the industry has understood the benefit of loosely coupled self-contained components, but there has never been a widely accepted platform to support the idea. With the popularity of microservices, Cloud platform vendors have spent significant energy to provide capabilities in preparation of this shift away from app thinking to service/function thinking.

Using realMethods, app migration is less about movement and more about decomposition and re-purposing. The goal is to encourage the unlocking of crucial business functions to then make available as individual self-sufficient services. A single app becomes 100s of services, not only for the purpose of re-creating the original app, but more importantly, to be able to freely innovate other apps and more coarse-grained services. These are the initial key steps to enable a software driven enterprise.

We Have Migration Figured Out

Factory-like Migration Using MaaS (Migration as a Service)

True migration @ scale has Big data characteristics leveraging technology to move more and more applications of all types faster and faster

Innovate @ The Speed of Your Ideas

MVP Done Right

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a technique in which a new product is initially developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. With realMethods, the initial product version is much closer to the final version.  This means less time is spent developing allowing for more time to design and test, leading to a much higher level of user satisfaction.

Industries Served

realMethods has been an essential tool used by leaders in a wide array of industries and vertical markets. Our tools have been refined over 15+ years using real client requirements, battle tested by some of the most demanding IT groups.

  • “We need a means of interjecting our EA standards into our app dev process”
  • “We need solutions that are independent of the constant changing landscape of languages, toolkits, tech stacks, and frameworks”
  • “Our team has 2 week sprints and needs a tool to create apps and app components as requirements dictate”
  • “Our IT org needs to easily extend and understand all aspects of any app creation tool in order to customize the resulting apps according to our standards and requirements”

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