Software Design

Software design is by far the most essential phase. Here is where we collaborate with business users and stakeholders to fully understand the requirements of the software application. Through an iterative process, the end result is a fully documented and modeled system that is then ready to be developed. During this phase, we also work with you to develop a project plan, complete with dates, milestones, tasks, assigned resources, and more.

Proof Of Concept

During the Design phase, or using your existing design documents, we develop a UML (Unified Modeling Language) rendition of the core aspects of the application. This UML model is then imported into our application generator to quickly deliver the core and foundational features and functions. The result is a ready to deploy Java EE application that can then be executed and reviewed. Importantly, all of what is generated is 100% usable in building the final application.


Quite often, you have an existing software application that needs architecture level redesign or you are looking to completely enhance an existing version. With this practice, we take you through the Design and Proof-of-Concept practices to ensure our work fits cleanly and completely into the context of your existing system. Once it receives approval, our software development team finalizes implementing the remaining requirements.


We are able to take your dreams, ideas and whiteboard sketches and turn them into the software application you need. Using our infrastructure, we can do all development and Q/A in-house, and give you access to versions of the project to approve based on the project plan we developed with you during the design phases.