Go From Idea To Container

I AM....

Migrate your applications to more modern technology stacks with better architecture and design. 

Refactor the core of your J2EE, C/C++, and any other application type that leverages a relational database.

Save time by generating all the code and configuration necessary to build, test, package, contain, and deploy the core of your migrated application.

Standards based conventions and easy to modify code means you are up and running quickly.

No need to start from scratch anymore. 

Quickly bring your idea to life by avoiding all the initial heavy lifting most typical projects require.

Project generation means you can focus on the important aspects of your application.

Supports a wide array of tech stacks and project configurations.

Once modeled, the core aspects of your idea can be containerized and running in minutes.


Community Edition

Unlimited # of projects
Available as a Docker image
Access to all supported features
Free of Charge

Enterprise Edition

Unlimited # of users/apps
Includes source code
SaaS or On-Prem
Early access to new features

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