KnowsOps is an open source platform for developers who are tired of the time consuming heavy upfront lifting required of a new project and want to immediately start working on the fun stuff.


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Why KnowOps
Automating The Automation

DevOps is all about automation. Like you, we love all its time savings and freedom from performing repetitive tasks. Unfortunately, starting a new project or migrating an existing application to a fully operational DevOps toolchain is still an extremely manual effort.

KnowOps has automated this process to create everything you need to get up and running fast.

Simply Declarative

A fully functional app and toolchain is a YAML file away

Many Tech Stacks

Spring, Angular, DJango, Ruby on Rails, AWS Lambda & more...

Model Driven

Forget Hello World! Generate an app based on your needs


Commits generated app, build, CI, Docker and Terraform files

Many CI Pipelines

CircleCI, Codeship, AWS, Aure, Jenkins, & more...

Artifact Repo

Stores components and build dependencies w/ JFrog & Nexus

Docker & Kubernetes

Optional Dockerfile and Kubernetes cluster config


AWS, Azure, Google, Nutanix, RedHat and OnPrem

I AM....

  • Migrate your applications to more modern technology stacks with better architecture and design.
  • Refactor the core of your J2EE, C/C++, and any other application type that leverages a relational database.
  • Save time by generating all the code and configuration necessary to build, test, package, contain, and deploy the core of your migrated application.
  • Standards based conventions and easy to modify code means you are up and running quickly.
  • No need to start from scratch anymore.
  • Quickly bring your idea to life by avoiding all the initial heavy lifting most typical projects require.
  • Project generation means you can focus on the important aspects of your application.
  • Supports a wide array of tech stacks and DevOps configurations.
  • Once modeled, the core aspects of your idea can be containerized and running in minutes.
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