Nothing Goes From Idea To Container Faster

To jumpstart your next software project,
don’t write it, declare it!

We are the originators of Project-as-Code, the declarative way to create a DevOps project. From a single YAML file, generate all the app code and CD/CD config files you need to get started. Being model-driven with support for all the popular CI platforms means you get an unparalleled headstart.


Everything-as-Code now includes DevOps Project-as-Code to simplify how a DevOps project gets started


Forget "Hello World". Jump-start DevOps by generating all the core-code you need, but don't want to write.

Project Generation

Chose from a variety of tech stacks to generate and containerize apps from your business requirements,

realMethods 101

An introduction to realMethods and the power of model driven project generation with deployment integration to Sonatype Nexus

Quick Overview

We don’t just generate code.  We generate complete projects that include functional applications and optional execution for  CI/CD, Docker, Sonatype/JFrog, Terraform, Kubernetes, with cloud or on-prem deployments

Our Offerings

Online Access

Unlimited # of projects
Nothing to install or update
Access to the latest version
Only $7/month!!

Community Edition

Unlimited # of projects
Available as a Docker image
Access to all supported features
Free of Charge

Enterprise Edition

Unlimited # of users/apps
Includes source code
SaaS or On-Prem
Early access to new features


For factory-like migration, using DB schema to refactor legacy apps into reusable scalable containerized functionality running on modern tech stacks accessible by more technologists to improve delivery velocity and innovation opportunities


Help create your bus. model
Determine best fit tech stack
Establish CI/CD environment
Generate and test project


realMethods/CircleCI Orb Intro

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