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We provide an innovative, disruptive approach to software development that drastically reduces cost, time, and risk to get to the first code commit. Designed with openness and flexibility, ensuring continuing relevance as languages and technologies come and go. As never before, Continuous Generation fits seamlessly into today’s Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment.


KnowOps is a platform that empowers software developers. Rather than starting with a “hello, world” empty shell application, it generates a fully functional, integrated application on the tech stack of choice from common business context and configuration inputs. One of KnowOps’ fundamental tenets is to generate everything possible that can be inferred from requirements.

Executive Team

Steven Randolph

Steven is an award winning results-driven customer-focused hands-on technologist with over 25 years of progressive experience. Steven possesses a proven track record of successfully defining and building software applications for some of the largest and most diverse corporations including Fidelity, ING, Aetna, and Symantec. He has an unmatched technical background complemented with diplomacy and business acumen.  

JR Rodrigues
VP of Business Development
With over 20 years of senior sales and marketing management experience, JR has been responsible for the rapid growth of revenues for companies offering innovative technology solutions in a wide array of markets, including aerospace, education, finance, government, IT, logistics, manufacturing, medical, retail, service, transportation, and utilities. He serves on several for-profit and non-profit advisory boards, including the Career Track Advisory Board on Entrepreneurism for Northeastern University’s D’Amore-Mckim Graduate School of Business
Mitch Pronschinske

Mitch is a managing editor has been researching and reporting on the the software development industry for over nine years, in which time he has tracked the emergence of major trends such as cloud computing, big data, DevOps and Continuous Delivery, IoT, containerization, microservices, and many more. Mitch is passionate about sharing knowledge with the software development community and gaining insights from being closely connected to industry experts.

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