Nothing Goes From Idea To Container Faster

Automated Application Refactoring

Turning old capabilities into new possibilities

Tech Stack Options

Choose from a growing list of tech stacks:

  • Angular7
  • Django
  • AWS Lambda
  • Google Functions
  • Spring
  • Spark Microframework
  • Apache Struts

Language Rewrite

Let us rewrite any application using an obsolete or poorly-supported languages and implement a rapid serverless migration to go from legacy to AWS Lambda in minutes, not months.

By targeting Python, Javascript, Java and C#, the migrated application leverages some of today’s most relevant software languages, with new languages in the works.

Technology/Language Agnostic

With proper abstractions, effective de-coupling, model-driven architecture, and a templatized approach, we maximize flexibility and remain independent of any single technology or language.

J2EE Transformations

Although J2EE is becoming the new "legacy", Java is not. Leverage our services to help refactor heavily invested functionality onto more cost effective architectures.

Mature your cloud and digital transformation using realMethods to tackle the toughest migration scenarios

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