realMethods makes project generation a new seamless DevOps phase

Key Features

A business model is easier to change than code

Keeping the business model independent of the target platform ensures a model remains highly reusable across a variety of technology stacks.

Openness is key to keep up with changes

A platform designed from the outset to accommodate the ever changing landscape of tech stacks, languages, and frameworks.

Tech Stack Agnostic

KnowOps is template-driven, allowing you to create your own reusable tech stacks.

Maximizing Asset Reuse

Improve your ability to innovate by realizing generated core services are likely required by other projects now or in the immediate future.

New Refactoring Paradigm

Rethink refactoring by first focusing on functionality rather than the entire application. Since database schema is a model it is enough to use realMethods to instantly generate more modern core services.

Multiple Access Options

Use our Web front-end, or integrate to the realMethods back-end using our Node.JS Command Line Interface (CLI).

Adopt app generation to further your commitment to automation

Disrupting the Traditional Software Process

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