CI/CD Platform Integrations

realMethods supports generating applications targeted for a variety of CI/CD platforms. Importantly, the appropriate configuration YAML file is generated for each platform. The following table provides more detail for each vendor.

Note: If using one of the supported AWS Lambda stacks, the access key and secret key need to be assigned as environment variables. Be sure to name the access key env var USER_AWS_ACCESSKEY and name the secret key env var USER_AWS_SECRETKEY. Equally important, make sure you have the correct AWS IAM policies assigned for the associated AWS user (AWSCodeDeployRoleForLambda, AWSLambdaExecute, AWSLambdaRole, etc..)

Vendor Sample Configuration File Details
AWS Codebuild buildspec.yml Once an application is generated and committed to a designated repository, follow the instructions here to learn how to build a Codebuild project.
Azure Pipelines azure-pipelines.yml Create an Azure Pipeline to build and test your application on Microsoft Azure.
Bitbucket bitbucket-pipelines.yml Click here for a self-contained Bitbucket project that will simplify generating an application to commit to Bitbucket and to build, test, and optionally deploy through Bitbucket Pipelines.
CircleCI config.yml realMethods has created a CircleCI Orb. Use the file which contains more detail on how to use the Orb. Also available is a sample config.yml file to help get you started.
GitLab gitlab-ci.yml Click here for a self-contained GitLab project to simplify generating an application to commit to GitLab and to build, test, and optionally deploy through GitLab Pipelines.
Jenkins Jenkinsfile Jenkins is the most popular CI/CD platform. All supported realMethods stacks have had the generated output tested using the Jenkins Docker, Windows, and WAR file (ran on Apache Tomcat 9) installations.

Be sure to tie your Git repository to a Jenkins pipeline and associate it with the correct branch which could be different than the default of master. When the pipeline is built, the generated Jenkinsfile will be executed.

Travis CI .travis.yml If you are using Travis-CI, it is important to note only a GitHub account and repository can be associated with a build. Once you associate your repository, a build will automatically be kicked off.
Codeship codeship-services.yml codeship-steps.yml Codeship uses Docker to execute its pipelines, defined within a codeship-servies.yml file. Learn more at
Buddy buddy.yml
Semaphore semaphore.yml
Shippable shippable.yml Shippable allows you to enable CI and manage assembly lines for both GitHub and Bitbucket projects. Learn more at
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