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VP Technology Evangelist

Job Description

This role will be responsible for helping define and scale out our DevOps communications, education, and evangelism. You will be responsible for driving development and adoption of realMethods across the globe. In this role, you’ll combine your unbridled passion and enthusiasm for DevOps with your unmatched creativity to generate grass-roots attention, support, and adoption of realMethods among key industry opinion makers and technologists in the developer community.


Ideally, you’re someone who comes from a software development or architecture background with a significant track record in creating products, applications or services using cloud computing and related technologies, but has an unmet need to be on stage guiding the broader industry towards adoption and exploitation of a technology you firmly believe in. You have immediate credibility with Developers, Architects, IT Managers and CxOs. You love to share your passion with others and exhibit good judgment in selecting strategic opportunities to do so. You don’t just want to be part of an industry movement, you want to be out front leading it. What we do is disruptive and requires someone who can create a communication road map and drive a plan to educate the industry and DevOps community on Project-as-Code.


  • 5+ years of experience in software development and/or IT Infrastructure Computer Science or Software Engineering Degree (or equivalent experience)
  • Significant experience working in a developer relations, technology evangelism or technical executive role
  • Strong knowledge and experience with software development, developer tools, cloud computing services & infrastructure, application development platforms, and popular programming languages
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Equipped home office since this is a remote role


  • A history of successful speaking engagements and industry influence is preferred
  • Superior oral and written communication skills
  • Can provide examples of industry related writing or commentary
  • Practical experience in DevOps, dev tools, infrastructure as code, agile planning, release automation, CI/CD, cloud computing architecture work, systems or application design, development and/or operations.
  • Past experience with Cloud platforms is preferred. Knowledge of AWS a bonus
  • Strong knowledge and experience with social / online marketing coupled with prior experience in product definition, bring-to-market strategies in defining industry standards
  • Outstanding content creation, public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Pre-established credibility and recognition in speaking engagements and technology publications is preferred.
  • Extensive industry contacts in the software development field and the ability to work cooperatively with, and gain the respect of, software developers.


As a member of the leadership team, an agreed to achievement based matrix of commission and equity will demonstrate how we value you and your ability to drive our success towards acquisition.

Sr Software Engineer

Job Description

In this role, you will be able to share your skills and work with the entire DevOps Community. You will be tasked with designing and developing reusable tech stacks. These tech stacks are leveraged by realMethods user for the purpose of generating DevOps projects. This is an excellent opportunity to have your work published and leveraged in countless startup and enterprise DevOps scenarios.

Are you an expert in a particular language or tech stack?
Are you interested in being a major open source contributor while earning equity?
Are you well published and well respected within the DevOps Community?

  • Specialist with expert level knowledge in a technology stack
  • Proven track record of technical authority
  • Industry leadership in area of expertise
  • Own and create variants of existing technology stacks
  • Active socially in related DevOps community
  • Leverage your technology on future projects
  • Author tech stack “how-tos”, etc...via blogs, article submission, etc..
  • 5+ years software development experience in one or more core languages (Java, Javascript, C/C++, C#, Python, Go, etc...)
  • A frequent contributor or active member of one or more online DevOps communitites
  • Possess reviewable source code published on a public Git repo
  • Strong knowledege of one ore more CI platforms (Jenkins, Travis, CircleCI, etc..)
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Equipped home office since this is a remote role

Each time your tech stack package is used in a compensated scenario, you will receive a commission. Also, this position is offering equity because it is important we all share in our common success.

We offer a remote work model with a flexible schedule, so you can be productive where you are when you can.

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