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DevOps Project-as-Code

realMethods believes that in order to truly transform and become a modern software driven organization, everything must be represented in code. This is the foundation to move to a modern software driven organization. Everything as code is the underpinning for true automation and allows for repeatability, consistency, with safety, at scale. Today, your infrastructure can be expressed as code, your compliance rules can be expressed as code, and your application life-cycle can be expressed as code. 

So why not how you create a DevOps project? 

What Terraform is to infrastucture and a Dockerfile/Docker Compose is to containers, realMethods is to your DevOps project.  In fact, realMethods can generate your initial Terrform or Dockerfile specificationsDevOp

realMethods Project-as-Code Angular7 tech stack example:

# Standard DevOps project creation options.
# Pay close attention to parameters that require values unique
# to you, such as those for Git, Docker, and AWS.
# To use Git, Docker, and any provider, be sure to have created
# an account with each.
# For Git, before generating the project be sure to create the
# repository and designate as public before
    id: Angular7 # options: Angular7, Apollo, AWS Lambda, AWS Lambda MongoDB, ASP.NET Core, Django
                 # Google Functions, Spring Core, Spring MongoDB, Struts2,
                 # Spark Micro Web Framework
                 # To see the list of available tech stacks on a realMethods instance using command:
                 # realmethods_cli stack_list --output pretty

    identifier: 4 # options: Unique id of an existing model or
                  # full or relative path to a model file of a supported type
                  # model types: UML, Eclipse Modeling Framework, JSON, SQL Script, JAR, EAR
                  # To see the list of available model on a realMethods instance using command:
                  # realmethods_cli model_list --output pretty

# DevOps Project Creation Options
# Application parameters
      name: angular7demo
      description: Demo Angular7 application generated by realMethods
      author: Dev Team
      email: xxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com
      application logo URL: ./img/turnstone.biologics.png
      company name: Turnstone Biologics
      version: 0.0.1
# Docker parameters
    username: xxxxxxxxxxxx
    password: xxxxxxxxxxxx
    org-name: realmethods
    repo: angular7demo
    tag: latest
# resource(s) to apply during project generation
# each listed by name references a previously published resource
# Use a space to separate two or more resources
# For Kubernetes - create a resource named account.json and reference it here. This
# file contains the credentials provided by Kubernetes in order to create a cluster and
# create pods and services.
available: myK8AccountCredentials myDockerFile
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