Nothing Goes From Idea To Container Faster

Use Cases

Designed from the ground up for the most compelling use cases

We all have some exposure to code generation, but this is different. realMethods is not a code generator. It is an application generation platform with a focus on both new applications AND application refactoring. We strive to make application generation a seamless experience in your current development process.

New App Development
No Need To Start From Scratch

Leverage application generation as a catalyst to give your project the jump-start it needs. Let realMethods remove the normal burden found in writing core services.

Application Refactoring
Think Functions, Not Apps

realMethods takes a technology-centric approach with a focus on first refactoring core functionality to better open flexible technology stacks running on superior platforms.

Refactor @ Scale
Making factory migration a reality

As a scalable model-driven technology, realMethods can handle refactoring many different types of applications.

Continuous Generation
Not just to get started, but as needed

Anytime there is a change to your business model, regenerate your core service to seamlessly introduce new capabilities

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